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The nature of work has changed and the mobile, flexible, social and always-on modern company has emerged. Power your modern company with a business VoIP phone system or PBX system that has the right mix of technology, service and innovation to support the way work gets done today. Selecting the best phone system for your company doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, we believe it should be an easy, enjoyable and informative process. Let’s get started.

NEC Phones & PABX a website of Faranani (Pty) Ltd, which came to fruition in 1989, has been providing telecommunication and managed document solutions for over 24 years. During that time have built up a wealth of experience that we constantly call upon to help us find the right solution for our customers. With the knowledge we have gained over this time we have been able to build a comprehensive product portfolio so that we can offer our customers a single supplier solution to meet all their telecom and document solution needs.

The portfolio we offer is very impressive, but we understand that that alone is not good enough for you to choose us. That’s why we’ve worked exceptionally hard to make sure that the customer service we provide is equally impressive.

We can offer you a full service that covers consultancy, project management, sales, installation, maintenance and training; which means from the moment you contact us we’re there to support and advise you.

We also understand that technology is progressing at an incredibly fast rate so we only provide solutions that can be enhanced and upgraded as and when your business needs it.

Our customers are important to us, quite simply without them we wouldn’t be here! So we’d like to thank them all for their continued support.



Dallas, Hilversum, 18 February 2020 – NEC today announced that it once again is the leading vendor in the global UC Call Control market, holding the no.1 position as worldwide market leader in T3i Group’s latest InfoTrack  Enterprise Communications report for Q3 2019 *.

T3i’s latest report noted that NEC retained its lead in total line shipments with a market share of over 16% globally. With its line shipments up 30.8% Quarter on Quarter, NEC achieved the highest global percentage Q/Q increase among vendors covered in T3i Group Q3 2019 report.

MZA Consultants’ Q3 2019 reporting on the global Call Control market zooms in on the SMB market, showing that NEC has led all manufacturers in global shipments in that segment for the last 5 Years **.

This success underscores the strength of NEC’s portfolio of communications solutions, the company’s commitment to expand its global enterprise communications footprint and the ability to serve customers worldwide to fullest satisfaction.

NEC offers a broad range of enterprise communications solutions – ranging from small to very large systems – that effectively support enterprise and SMB customers whose requirements span from traditional to full IP and 100% software-based solutions, and from premises-based to cloud deployments.

* T3i Group, Global InfoTrack for Enterprise Communications, Third Quarter 2019 Summary Results
** MZA, The World Call Control (PBX/IP PBX) Market Call Control Q3 2019

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