NEC G266 cordless phone

NEC G266 cordless phone Replaced by G277 click here

Compact and professional handset for mobile office users

The DECT handset  is a standard mobile handset offering a range of professional capabilities, such as central directory, loudspeaker and personal alarming.

Key characteristics 

  • Many call control features seamlessly integrated with the PBX
  • Any place reachability improving customer satisfaction
  • Powerful unified communications, including central directory access and presence
  • Intuitive user interface with colour display and icon based menus
  • Dual charger allowing an additional battery to be charged
  • Personal safety with SOS alarming key
  • Provides freedom, comfort and flexibility
  • Headset interface and built-in trembler
  • DECT compliance for high quality speech and security
  • Superb HD-Voice with G.722 codec in line with CAT-iq specifications

NEC G266 cordless phone  All contacts at hand

Find the telephone numbers and names of the entire organization easily with the central directory always at hand. And what’s more, you know when they are available to take a call. Simply browse to the right person in your DECT handset and check the person’s presence status. So much for convenience and efficiency!

NEC G266 cordless phone Good vibrations

Sometimes you are waiting for a call or need to be on the alert, but have to also be in a meeting or are operating in an environment where you do not wish to disturb others. Or you may be in an excessively loud environment or circumstances where a vibration alert is preferable. The built-in vibration function is the ideal solution, enabling you to be available without your phone having to disturb others.

NEC G266 cordless phone At the point of need

An alert? An alarm? A man-down situation? By pushing the SOS button on the phone, the system automatically sets up an emergency call, while the system can also automatically provide the location information of the phone itself.

NEC G266 cordless phone Perfect voice quality

The G266 handset is designed for High Definition Voice by featuring specific audio capabilities. This offers the demanding business user superb voice quality, functionality that is particularly appreciated for longer calls and conversations in which it comes down to getting all details right.


R2995.00 Includes Phone, Desk top charger and AC adaptor