How to connect a Gigaset Repeater

Connecting a Gigaset Repeater to extend the range of your current cordless phone.

1. On your current phone, go to base settings and tick the “repeater support” box. The phone is now ready to register the repeater.


2. Place the repeater close to the base station of your current phone. Plug the repeaters power supply into the power socket for about 2-3 seconds and then unplug it

Base pic


3. On the base station of your current phone, hold down the paging key for 4-5 seconds. Plug in again the power cable for the repeater, the  green light will light up and be steady for approximately 2 seconds, it  will start flashing until it registers to the base station. Once registered the green light will stop flashing and the green light will stay on permanently.

 4. If you do not succeed the first time, try again. If this fails, reset the repeater by plugging the repeaters power cable into the power socket      for 2-4 seconds then unplug it, wait 2 seconds and plug the cable back in to the power socket for 25-30 seconds and unplug it.

Follow the registration process above again.