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Video conferencing, perfect for small conference rooms, huddle rooms, and remote offices, the telyHD™ Pro delivers a high quality experience at unprecedented value. Standards-based interoperability and integrated Skype support enable the telyHD Pro to immediately connect with millions of users today and ensures investment protection for tomorrow. telyHD Pro also comes with a one-year subscription to telyCloud™, providing multi-party conferencing without any additional on-premise equipment.
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The Democratization of Meeting Room Collaboration

  • Standards-Based Interoperability Leverage existing investments in video conferencing systems and infrastructure through use of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) interoperability. SIP interoperability also enables telyHD Pro to utilize 3rd party cloud-based conferencing services.
  • telyCloud Service telyHD Pro comes with a one year subscription to telyCloud, a cloud-based service that provides six-party video conferencing and application sharing without the need for any on-premise equipment besides a telyHD Pro appliance at each location.
  • Simple Access to Blue Jeans Network Accessing a Blue Jeans meeting room requires no configuration setup. Users simply enter the meeting room number and optional password to join a meeting. Once connected, integrated layout management both enhances and simplifies the Blue Jeans video meeting experience.
  • Skype™ Certified The telyHD Pro appliance includes built-in high-definition Skype video calling for easy point-to-point connections to any Skype enabled device including smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • Share Content with Remote Users The included telyShare application enables users to wirelessly share content from their Windows or Mac computer with remote users during any videoconference call.
  • Wireless Projector The included telyShare App enables wireless projection from Windows and Mac personal computers to any telyHD Pro-connected HDTV for in-room presentations, eliminating the need for bulky and expensive LCD projectors.
  • Smartphone Remote Control In addition to the included remote control device, the SmartRemote App makes it easy to wirelessly control your telyHD Pro from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.
  • Built-in Web Browser Browse the web on your conference room TV without a computer.
  • Speakerphone Eliminate the need for a separate speakerphone by connecting the telyHD Pro to existing VoIP infrastructure via SIP or by using Skype PSTN capabilities.
  • Easy to Setup and Use All-in-one design and guided setup enables anyone to set up and use a telyHD Pro in minutes. No personal computer is required. Just plug in to your Ethernet network and any standard TV to get started

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